Bermeo Tuna Tagging Challenge

                       The tuna tagging event for sport fishing in the gulf of biscay


  • Bermeo Tuna World Capital promotes this event (this is the 3rd edition)  that brings together science, research and sport to better understand the situation of tuna in the Gulf of Biscay.
  • It’s organized by the Association Bermeo Tuna World Capital with the scientific colaboration of AZTI.
  • A team of biologists of AZTI will supervise the process of fishing and marking the bonito in the videos handed out, ensuring the sustainability of the event and teaching good practices to the participants, in order to preserve the good condition of the fish.
  • This scientific event promotes values of respect for the environment and stimulates scientific knowledge among citizens.


  • Date: 8 august
  • Timetable: From 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Place: Port of Bermeo
  • Compulsory registration: See registration conditions below
  • Covid-19 measures: The event will be carried out attending and complying with the safety measures indicated by the Basque Government, and under strict control of their compliance, thus guaranteeing the safety of all participants and workers at the event.
  • Limited capacity: For organisational reasons the number of boats will be limited. Your choice will be made by an Admissions Committee based on your experience in tuna fishing and/or tagging. In addition, you must have suitable fishing equipment.


  • The Bermeo Tuna Tagging Challenge is a scientific sporting event. As such, it has a series of obligatory requirements.
  • Non-acceptance of the rules or failure to comply with them, will mean non-participation in the test even after the registration fee has been paid.

Please read the rules before registering.


Only if you accept the rules of the event can you register for the Bermeo Tuna Tagging Challenge.

  • Registration fee: The registration fee per crew member is 20€, with a minimum of 2 people registered and a maximum of 5. It includes: dinner on August 8th (cancelled due to security measures, and replaced by a safe FISHING GIFT); picnic for the boats; BERMEO TUNA TAGGING CHALLENGE 2020 T-shirts.
  • Registration is compulsory. Remember to fill in all the information requested, as it will help us both to contact you and to register the boat with the competent authorities.
  • The following week you will be notified whether your registration has been accepted or not. If it has been approved, you will be required to transfer the registration fee in order to make your participation effective.

The benchmark event in tuna tagging for sport fishing in the Gulf of Biscay


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