Bermeo Tuna World Capital globally promotes sustainable management of tuna as a natural resource using scientific knowledge and good practices leadership.



Is a public-private partnership that seeks to involve all the key players in the tuna value chain in Bermeo, the Basque Country and the world. A project from and for everyone.


To promote collaboration between science and fishing.

To promote understanding, training and innovation.

To recover, manage and spread historic heritage.

To foster projects for healthier oceans.

To encourage the exchange of experiences between cultures.

To boost the economic and social development of Bermeo.

We face a worldwide challenge that promotes good practices and sustainability in a key sector for the future of our society.

If you are a company or association committed to the sustainability of the seas and the tuna value chain, and you want to contribute to the BTWC cause as well as to the fulfilment of the challenges reflected in SDG 14, become a BTWC partner!

Join the cause!